Primary & Secondary


I. Shrink wrapping:

1. Semi auto L-bar sealers

Semi automatic L-bar sealers are perfect for the low to medium volume company who is looking to economically shrink wrap their products. These machines can shrink wrap products at rates up to 20 packages per minute with the use of an operator. These machines are available as stand alone units or can be purchased more economically as a combination L-searer/shrink tunnel unit. Please call for more information on our semi automatic solutions for shrink wrapping products.


2. Automatic L-bar sealers

Automatic L-bar sealers are a great way to enter into the automatic shrink packaging market. These machines are operator free, and can produce packages up to 40 packages per minute! With many accessories and options to choose from, these machine have the technology to integrate into your existing production facility seamlessly and efficiently to facilitate cost effective and dependable production. Please call for more information on our automatic L-bar sealing solutions.

3. Automatic Side Seal and Overlap sealers

For higher speed machines look to automatic side seal or overlap machines. These machines can range in speeds from 40 packages per minute to 200 packages per minute. These machines are built for intermittent motion or continuous motion operation determined by the type of product you are running and the speed you need to achieve. We only sell very robust machines that can operate a true 24/7 work week along with high tech PLC’s,  very fast and precise motors, as well as drives to enable extremely accurate and precise sealing. Please call for more information on our high speed side seal/overlap machines.

4. Shrink bundlers/Tray Wrappers

Shrink bundling/tray wrapping is less expensive than using paperboard and has become a preferred method of packaging numerous items. Shrink bundling/tray wrapping is usually preferred when toughness and puncture resistance is important. Whether you need just a clear film to tightly wrap your products togther for shipping, or if you want an appealing retail package, look to shrink bundling and tray wrapping as a possible method of packaging your products. Please call for more information on our shrink bundlers/tray wrapppers.

II. Vertical Baggers and sealers

1. Vertical Baggers

Vertical baggers are an excellent way to semi automatically or automatically bag your products. Whether you are dropping your product into the bag by hand or have an automated feeding system, vertical baggers have many advantages over other means of packaging due to their speed and minimal footprint. Package your products with pre-opened bags on rolls, or rollstock when using these systems as well as having the option to use a clear bag or a customized printed bag for retail packaging. Please call for more information on our vertical automatic bagging systems.

2. Vertical Form Fill and Seal and Stick Pack Machines

Vertical Form Fill and Seal and stick pack machines are an exciting and innovative way to package your products! Utilizing these machines allows you to adopt various types of display bags including pillow pack, stick pack, gusseted, quad seal, block bottom just to name a few, all the while using cost effective roll stock materials with amazing graphics! These machines are easily intregrated with various types of filling systems for viscious and non viscioius products as well as granular and powdered products. Please call for more information on our VFFS systems!

III. Horizontal Form Fill and Seal/Flow Wrappers

1. Flow Wrappers

Horizontal Form fill and seal or Flow wrapping is an extremely efficient and inexpensive way to wrap your products. These machines typically use harder films that can flow through the machines more easily which allows for higher speeds than other packaging methods. These machines are typically seen in bakery, food, and pharmaceutical applications. Feeding these machines by hand, or adding automatic feeding systems and specialized infeed conveyors, these machines can be a seamless addtion to your high speed packaging lines. Please call for more information on our flow wrapping machines.

IV. Pouch Machinery

1. Pre-made pouch and Form Fill and Seal pouch machinery

Pre made pouch machinery utilitzes pre made pouches which are quickly becoming the preferred method of retail packaging. Pre made pouches offer a greener alternative to rigid container packaging and a much more appealing look on the shelf. From retort packaging,  snacks,  to beverage packaging, pre made pouch machinery can launch your company into the exciting market of stand up pouches for optimal shelf presence. For high volume users, Form fill and seal pouch machinery may be an option. With this type of machinery, you can take advantage of the use of roll stock material instead of pre-made pouches to achieve similar outcomes. FFS machinery will be a more expensive initial investment; however, with large volumes, the use of roll stock compared to pre-made pouches may well make up the difference over time and allow you to ultimately have a much less expensive pouch. Please call for more information on our pouch machinery.